About Airteriors

I have been passionate about buses & interior design for over 20 yrs and have enjoyed the friendships and contacts I have made during that time and look forward to meeting more along the way.

We have a small team of dedicated profesionals that have always used vw buses so know the pros & cons of various conversions and layouts we know what works and what doesn’t and are happy to chat and advise regarding your requirements, we use the best quality materials and deal some of the best suppliers in the trade.

We attend many vw shows and trade & exhibit our show wining interiors at some of the best shows in the uk including prestigious volksworld show at sandownpark with the high light of 2014 winning the best inside job at volksworld camper and bus show.

We do …

  • Show winning bespoke interiors
  • Corporate, promotional & theme bus commissions
  • Reproduction and facelifts of existing interiors
  • Door cards & solid headliners
  • Automotive joinery